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Serching a male or female singer for a recording project in Münster

48157 Münster

Anzeige von Aufnahmen Projekt für Latin Pop Rock (Original Songs aus Münster), veröffentlicht am 2. Dezember 2019


Rubrik: sucht Sänger/in
Genre: Pop, Rock, World/Ethno, Latin
Anspruch: Ambitioniert, Semiprofessionell, Hauptberuf
Skill: Fortgeschritten, Erfahren, Sehr erfahren
Songmaterial: vorhanden
Proberaum: nicht vorhanden


Hi there to all. Thank you for reading. After some time out of business, I am back again trying to start a recording project with my original songs! I am Alfredo from Havana, Kuba. Latin and Salsa to Pop and Rock! I am in Coerde, Münster, I have my small studio and I search for a female or male singer with wishes to give it a try! Age not a problem, I need a voice with Charakter. I have a long experience in the Business and will help you to get started with my music productions! My plans are, to have around 10 songs recorded and then, to build a band! Feel totally free to contact me. Wish you a nice evening and thank you for reading! "produzent.alfredo@gmail.com


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